ANSYS Arrives at Imago Aerospace

Written by Juan Delgado

December 23, 2022

In what surely is an excellent step forward in our quest to become a leading company in the air mobility business, we have formed a partnership with ANSYS Inc, which offers the world’s most renowned CAE/Multiphysics simulation software available in the market. Such a partnership has been made possible thanks to the ‘Startup Program’ that is offered, as the name indicates, to start-up companies that fulfil certain requirements, but overall, to companies that show a great projection of innovation and growth for the future. 

Thanks to our newly formed partnership, we will be able to use different suites available within Ansys Workbench, which will help us in the processes of design, analysis, validation and optimization. The new simulation tools available to us will be a key asset that will enable us to reduce the time needed in all the aircraft design stages, but most importantly these tools will allow us to optimise our aircraft and their components to reduce their mass and make them more efficient and reliable.

As we look forward to the design and construction of our full-scale VTOL prototype in 2023, we will also venture into the air delivery market, by using a 100 kg aircraft model that is currently in design. For the upcoming new year, we will maintain our commitment to developing affordable air mobility solutions, thus we will continue to create important partnerships that will position us as leaders in the research and development of aerospace technology.

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